Allergies are just the worst aren’t they!? You’re coughing and sneezing, your throat is scratchy and itchy, you can’t breathe right, and you have those red, dry, itchy eyes; it just isn’t any fun at all. Research shows that about 1 in 4 people in United States suffer from either allergies or asthma which is caused by allergens in the air (roughly 50 percent of asthma sufferers are classified to suffer from allergenic asthma).




Little do people know that these allergens can be on and in your pillow too, and they build up over time which just keeps making things worse and worse! All kinds of pillows, whether they are made of feathers or synthetic material are a great place for different kinds of allergens such as pollen, dust mites, fungi, and other things to build up.


Something else that people may not consider is that pet hair from various different animals; dogs, cats, rodents, and others, can get on your pillow and build up over time as well. You may say that it wouldn’t really make a difference since you don’t suffer from pet allergies but the fact of the matter is that most people are not born with allergies, they develop over time and this can happen later in life too.


Thus, the solution for most people is to buy various medications to combat their allergies, both over the counter and prescription medications. There are obvious problems with this, first of all even the cheapest medications will cost you quite a bit, and the stronger medications will cost you a small fortune. Next, many of these medications can have some pretty nasty side effects like diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and a whole list of other side effects; they just aren’t pleasant. Not to mention that drugs don’t really sole the problem, they just mask it, until you run out.


Instead of drugs the solution to curing your morning allergies and even your allergies all throughout the day could be to change your pillow. Like I said before allergens can and will build up in your pillow; did you know that only months after buying a new pillow it will double in weight just from the things building up, that’s a lot of allergens! And just to think you sleep on that pillow for 6 – 9 hours every single night, that means you are inhaling those allergens for about one third of every day of your life; not good!


Changing your pillow to a hypoallergenic pillow with a hypoallergenic pillow case may actually stop you from waking up with those nasty morning allergy symptoms. These pillows are usually made of latex and covered in 100 percent cotton, latex being a natural antimicrobial substance that also wards off bugs like mites and bed bugs which can cause allergies. Switch to a hypoallergenic pillow now and get rid of those allergies for good; stop spending money on allergy medications that won’t work in the long run any way, try changing your pillow now!