Getting a good night’s sleep has never been so difficult or essential to do in this hectic world we live in. No matter where you live, finding the right mattress for you is a worthwhile but time consuming endeavor. Here are some tips on how you can find the most comfortable mattress for you needs, without falling for any tricks or scams.




Ignore the Hype



The mattress industry is surrounded by hype over new technology and techniques, but this isn't what you need. You need the best fit for your sleeping patterns and your body. It can be easy to get pulled in by a sales pitch on the latest model that is way over your budget, but stick to asking the right questions and getting real results from your mattress. Do some research and look for real reviews and ratings by real customers. This will cut through the sales pitch that your mattress provider is trying to confuse you with.



Money Back



Even with all the reviews and research done, you still can't tell how good a mattress is for you until you bring it home and really test it out. So it's important to make sure you are getting an actual money back guarantee. Many customers are mistaken in thinking that a mattress shops 'comfort return' policy is a money back guarantee. Many shops offer only store credit, or have unnecessarily high return fees. You can end up paying thousands for a mattress that you can't sleep on or return. Make sure to ask specific questions and really understand what their returns policy is before buying.






This is the real tricky part. You will need to shop around to find the best mattress for you, but with so many expert stores, models, firmness settings and whatnot it can be overwhelming to know what is best for you. This requires more research into the different types of mattresses there are out there. Again there will be a lot of hype around new technology, as most people will have heard of memory foam at some point or another. It is important to know the different main types of mattress however, and what each type can off you in terms of comfort.



There are four main types of beds that are popular today



Memory Foam


Air bed



They all have their own pros and cons, meaning that you need to think about your own personal comfort needs and/or those of your partner when researching which is the best for you.


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