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Reviewing The Serta iComfort Mattress

Serta is one of the most popular companies specialized in making mattresses founded in 1931. What makes Serta special is the fact that this company always tries to implement the latest technological solutions in their products. One of the most popular collections that made a huge change on the market is the Serta iComfort collection.






This collection was officially introduced in 2011 and ever since then it is one of the best-selling collections produced by Serta. The name of this collection comes from the special iComfort sleep system that comes with every mattress. This sleep system is based on the revolutionary cool action gel memory foam. Memory foam is not something new in the world of mattresses, but this was the first time for some manufacturer to use cool action gel in this type of mattress. The idea behind this product was simple elimination of the only reported downside in memory foam mattresses heat retention. In order to provide better air flow, Serta iComfort series use 6-inch specially designed Comforplast support core with a layer of Cool Action Gel Memory Foam on top of it. Finally, these two layers are enclosed with the s-called Ultimate Edge support which results in 9-inch thick mattress.  


The advantages of using Serta iComfort


1.  To start with, Serta iComfort mattresses are designed in a way that provides excellent comfort and actually mold to the user’s body. This means that the pressure points are reduced and the support is equally dispersed. The good news is that these mattresses come in various firmness options although there are only a couple of soft models.
2.  What people love about Serta iComfort mattresses is the motion isolation which means that this collection is perfect for couples especially for couples with different sleeping habits (positions). No matter what type of motions one of the individual’s practices over night the other individual using the mattress won’t notice them because of the excellent motion isolation.
3.  This series are ideal for people suffering from obesity or overweight because the memory foam combined with the special cool gel have great contouring abilities.
4.  Another excellent thing about this mattress is that it doesn’t produce any noise no matter how you use it. Of course, depending on the pressure you produce the foundation can sometimes create noises.
5.  According to the Better Business Bureau organization Serta iComfort is one of the series of mattresses that comes with the smallest number of complaints which speaks a lot about the quality of these mattresses. It is no wonder why experts categorize this mattress in middle-to-luxury mattresses.
6.  Another sign of quality is the 120-day trial period offered by Serta. However, the mattress must be kept for 30 days before you can return it.


Disadvantages of Serta iComfort


1.  This collection comes with only a small number of disadvantages and the biggest one is the weight of these mattresses. It is really difficult to transport it and maneuver it because of the heavy weight.







Reviewing The Simmons Beautyrest Black Series

The Simmons Bedding Company was founded more than 140 years ago. One of the reasons why they become so successful is their continuous efforts to implement new technologies and solutions in their products. These efforts continue today when there are dozens of different mattress manufacturers on the market. What makes Simmons different from the rest is the fact that they create many different mattress series. Of course, the four most popular and most famous ones are the Beautyrest, the ComforPedic, the Natural Care and the Simmons Kids. The Beautyrest series consists of several different models including Beautyrest Black.


Simmons Beautyrest Black Series mattress is one of the finest mattresses you can find on the market. There is more than one reason why someone would want to buy exactly this mattress. The following is a shortlist of these reasons.



                                                  beautyrest black


1. Longevity


Although most other mattresses start losing their supportive function after 3 or 4 years of use, Simmons Beautyrest Black Series Mattress will continue to provide the same comfort and support after this period. The occurrence of sagging is not affected by the person’s weight or size because of the special design used in this mattress. Most users keep these mattresses even after 6 years of use.


2. Pain Relief


Thanks to the special construction and the materials used in it, this particular model of Simmons mattress is providing excellent pain relief. The Black series are focused on minimizing the effects of pressure points which means more time for relaxation of the back muscles during the night. Even people suffering from chronic back pain have confirmed relief with this mattress. The presence of the so-called Independent Support Technology certainly helps users to get a good night’s sleep.


3. Materials


As previously mentioned, this mattress uses high-quality luxurious materials like wool, silk, memory foam, alpaca and natural latex. All these materials are included in order to provide an optimal durability and perfect sleeping experience. In addition, Simmons Beautyrest Black Series mattress comes with a unique coil design with pockets that’s a little bit different from the other mattresses of Beautyrest series. In addition, the AirCool design is here to provide better air flow through the mattress and eventually an improved sleep experience.


4. Heat Retention


This is one of those mattresses that disperses body heat during the night and let the users have a good rest. Although this model uses memory foam the previously mentioned AirCool design used in the memory foam fights heat retention. Furthermore, this specially designed memory foam conform the body for the most comfortable sleeping experience.


5. Warranty


The mattresses from this series come with one of the longest warranties today. They are covered with a 10-year limited warranty which is another proof of the quality of these products.


6. Variety


The Simmons Beautyrest Black Series includes three different plush mattresses, three different firm mattresses and four pillow-top mattresses. In other words, people with different preferences will surely find a model that’s suitable for their needs.      

A New Mattress Can Help With Chronic Body Pains

One of the most common issues that appear in the case of any person who works a lot at the office is definitely back pain. Chronic back pain is created because of the imperfect positions that we have during the night, and at the same time it can also have a variety of other causes. The main idea here is that in order to recover efficiently, you need to place extra care when it comes to the quality of the mattress that you own.






Unfortunately, not all mattresses help with back pain; instead there are some specialized ones that can provide you with help in this regard. The main idea here is that the mattress needs to identify the pressure points in your back pain and relieve them properly.


What a new mattress does is that it provides a new sense of comfort for your body, something that you might not have with your old mattress. Most of the time, improper work posture and a bad mattress can work together in order to destroy your back and this is definitely something that has to be avoided at all times.


Mattress comfort is definitely the thing that will help you relieve the pressure at all times. Moreover, the mattress firmness is also another thing that will affect your sleep position, and with a new mattress you will be able to obtain a firm, perfect sleep position.


The chronic back pain is usually generated when you sleep on the side in bed, and after you stayed at work with an improper posture, these are the things you have to avoid at all costs. Of course, in such a situation you can try to do something such as purchasing a mattress that will provide you with a method of adjusting the shoulders as well as your hips by sinking yourself enough so that no pressure points will be affected.


Yes, the best way to deal with this type of pain is to find a way of avoiding it entirely, but if you can’t do that, then what you need to do is to get the best mattress that you can find on the market, as this is the perfect solution for all these issues.


So yes, a mattress will lower the pressure that your body has garnished during the day, and at the same time you will feel a lot more relieved. Not only that, but a mattress also allows us to further help the back pain treatment by providing comfort and a great way to relax after a long and tedious day filled with pressure from your side.


In conclusion, a new mattress can help you relieve the pressure points of chronic back pain and it can also provide you with a method to lose that pain by getting the best sleep and enriching your body with energy. This is why getting a new mattress is a very good idea, and we recommend you to do that if you experience chronic back pains!

Tips On Caring For Your Mattress

Purchasing your mattress is only the first step in having a better and healthier sleep. After getting it, you need to make sure that you take care of your mattress in the best possible way, as this is how you can obtain astounding results in the end.



Vacuum as often as possible


One of the most important things when it comes to taking care of your mattress is to keep it clean at all times. The best way to do that is to try and vacuum regularly. This allows you to remove all the dead skin debris that can be found on it, as well as the dirt and dust mites. These tend to collect all the time when you sleep, and the more you leave your mattress unclean, the worse the situation can become, so do take that into account if you want to get astounding results.


Vacuuming is the simplest yet the best way that you can use in order to remove all the allergens and provide your mattress with the desired freshness. Clean it as fast as possible and you will have a much better sleeping environment.


Turn the mattress often


By turning the mattress you will be able to manage the wear and tear of your mattress quite often, and this will help you quite a lot in the long run. All you have to do is to rotate your mattress to 180 degrees and use it like you usually do. This works with the one-sided pillow tops but also with the two sided mattresses, so no matter what mattress type you have, just don’t hesitate and flip it to keep the mattress for a longer period of time in the best shape.


Get a mattress cover


Sure, cleaning the mattress is a very good idea, but the best thing you can do is to invest in a mattress cover, as this will prevent stains from reaching your mattress, and thus you will keep it cleaner for a longer period of time.


Purchase a box spring with good quality


Saving money and purchasing a cheap box spring can be a good idea. By getting such a spring you will actually be investing in the longevity of your mattress, so this is a crucial thing to do if you want your mattress to last for a longer period of time. Remember that you still need to take care of it and protect your mattress in the best possible way.


These are some of the best tips that you need to take into account if you want to maintain your mattress for a longer period of time. Don’t hesitate and implement these tips into your daily habits, you will see how much benefit you can get from them, without having to invest a lot of time and money!

Should You Have A Sleep Study Done?

Nowadays, many of us tend to experience a variety of sleep problems, and these can be caused by either an improper sleep schedule or lots of stress that we accumulate during the day at the office or even at home.





A good idea to determine if we do have some sleep issues is to get a sleep study. The first step is to identify if you need such a thing, and there are numerous way to find out about this. First of all, if you have ongoing snoring, if you feel sleepy during the day most of the time or you just don’t wake up fresh/rested, then chances are that you do need a sleep study made. Not only that, but if you have trouble adapting to the work shift after sleeping, then you really need to get a sleep study.


There are a multitude of other signs that might show you a need for getting a sleep study. For example, if it takes you more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, if you feel that you can’t move after waking up, or you have dreamlike experiences when dozing, then this can also show that you have sleep problems or that you suffer from sleep deprivation. Similar to that, if you wake up often during the night and you have problem getting back to sleep or if you have muscle weakness episodes as you sleep, then chances are that you indeed suffer from sleep deprivation or other issue, but you need to get it checked out immediately.


Most of these issues can appear in the case of kids as well, but if you see such a thing, you do have to visit the doctor as fast as possible, because even some minor issues can lead to a lot of complications, so making sure that you get these checked out is crucial.


Longtime sleep disorders can lead to a variety of problems in your daily routine and they can even affect your life, because they reduce your ability to concentrate. Because of that, you will have worse results as time passes, not to mention that you will also have to deal with less muscle power, since your body won’t have the time to recuperate properly.


If you have at least a few of the symptoms described above, then it’s crucial to pay a visit to the doctors, as they are the only ones that allow you to see, via a sleep study, if there are issues with your health and if you need a certain sleep schedule. The sleep study is designed to see if there are problems in sleep patterns that can lead to disorders and similar other things.


These can be treated in the lower stages. Most of the time, sleep disorders are caused by medical conditions such as heart failure, obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure, which means that with the help of a simple sleep study you can diagnose and prevent them. As you can see, getting a sleep study is a very good idea, and we recommend you to get one as fast as possible!

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