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6 Benefits Of Buying A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress use can provide innumerable health benefits to individuals. NASA uses memory foam mattress as adjusts itself to conform to the person’s body line.


Some benefits of a memory foam mattress are:




1. Temperature


Memory foam mattresses are made with a temperature sensitive material. This particular material allows the mattress to adjust itself to the sleeper’s body heat and body weight.


2. Pain Relief


Memory foam mattresses are good for those with chronic pain, body aches, and soreness. The memory foam mattress does this by displacing pressure along the length of the person’s body.


3. Spinal Alignment


These mattresses help with spinal alignment by helping the user attain an ideal sleeping posture. This ideal sleeping posture may solve many spinal problems before the problems start.


4. Original Shape


The mattress returns to its original shape after the person’s body pressure is removed.  The spinal alignment and pain relief for the user continues longer than sleeping on a standard mattress.


5. Allergies


Memory foam mattresses are made from polyurethane foam that is made of inorganic fibers, which dust mites have a hard time to settle into. Also, there is no food in the mattress for the dust mites to thrive on.


6. Absorb Energy


Memory foam is great at absorbing energy and pressure.  This makes them ideal for couples as each person’s movement will not be waking the other, so in turn both people have a more restful sleep.  


Using a memory foam mattress may one of the best ways to reap several health benefits for you.


Tips For A Better Night's Sleep

How you feel during your waking hours will decide how you feel when you sleep. Similarly, you can often find the cure to your sleep problems in your daily routine. Your bedtime habits, you’re daily activities, and your day-to-day lifestyle choices can easily determine how you sleep at night.




The following tips can help you get a better night’s sleep so that you can perform your daily activities with ease and enjoy mental balance, emotional stability, and so on.


Keep A Regular Schedule


You can naturally achieve good sleep when you synchronize your body’s natural sleep cycle – the circadian rhythm – with your wake cycle. When you avoid the common enemies of sleep, you can naturally sleep well at night. If you sleep regularly at the same time, wake up at the same time, and maintain your sleep schedule properly, then you will have restful nights. Moreover, you will feel much more energized and refreshed. 


Naturally Regulate Your Sleep/Wake Cycle


Melatonin occurs naturally and regulates your sleep-wake cycle in the body. Its production is regulated by exposure to the light. When it is dark, your body will secrete more of melatonin in order to make you feel sleepy and less in the morning, when you need to stay awake. However, many aspects of the modern life can easily disrupt the production of melatonin in the body and along with it your sleep-wake cycle also gets disturbed. 


When you spend long days in the office away from sun light, this can affect your sleep by make you wakeful at night instead of during the day. Then, exposure to artificial lights can also disrupt the production of melatonin for e.g. computers and television lights and make sleeping hard for you. 


Create A Relaxing Bedtime Routine

If you make a consistent effort to create a relaxing bedtime routine such as taking a bath before bedtime, it can help you in sleeping. A relaxing bedtime routine sends a powerful signal to your brain indicating that it is time to sleep and relax.


If you associate your bed with errands or work related activities, then it will be tougher to relax at night. Make sure you use your bed only for sex and sleep. That way you get a powerful signal whenever you go near your bed: it is either time to get romantic or to go and sleep peacefully. 


Eat Right And Get Regular Exercise

Your exercising and daytime eating habits can influence your sleep. It is particularly important to consider what you eat some time before you could go to sleep. You will sleep better when you exercise regularly. You do not have to be a sports celebrity in order to reap the benefits of exercising. Moreover, you do not need to do all the exercises possible in just 30 minutes’ time. Break up the 30 minute session into smaller bits with breaks in between so that you can easily do your exercises. This way, you will neither get tired while exercising nor will you lose your will to do the exercises. 

How To Get A Good Night's Sleep With Allergies

Postnasal drip, watery and itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, these are the symptom of allergies that keep you up at night. When your nose is stuffed, and you breathe through your mouth, it irritates your throat. You are more likely to snore which disturbs your bed partner.





Allergies cause headaches and wheezing at night. The nasty postnasal drip that flows down the back of your throat causes you to cough and wake up. When you do finally go to sleep, it is not quality slumber.


Get some relief; get control over your allergies. 


Identify your allergy prompts and stay away from them. Avoid pet dander, dust mites, or pollens. 


Try hypoallergenic pillows and bedding. If you get, new pillow and mattress covers these may help with nighttime issues.


Pets in the bedroom or on your bed can cause allergies. Find somewhere else for your pets to nap. 


Consider adding an air filtration system to your home’s heating and air cooling system. Have your heat vents cleaned out.


Vacuum your carpets and furniture on a regular basis. New vacuums are designed to capture allergens.


 If you have a humidifier, change the water on a regular basis. Changing the water often prevents mold and spores from growing.


Definitely follow the home remedy recommendations from your doctor and others with allergies. Try over-the-counter and prescription medications. These medications include saline nasal flushes. Following instructions for nasal flushes is a drug-free way to relieve your allergy congestions. The effect may not last long, however and you may find yourself using nasal flushes constantly.


Use nasal decongestant sprays. Over-the-counter nasal sprays do help temporarily. Try not to use nasal sprays for more than three days. Using these preparations for more than three days can make your nose dry up, allergies hit harder, and snoring to be doubly annoying. 


Liquids or pills designed for nasal decongestion work well. They offer long-lasting relief during the daylight hours. Avoid those allergy medications that contain pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine at night; they can keep you awake.


Use antihistamines that dry up runny noses and postnasal drip. They do have side effects, however. Dizziness, blurred vision, and a hangover feeling of sleepiness the next morning are not pleasant feelings to experience. Do not use antihistamines long-term. They will stop working with over use. 


Steroid nasal sprays help stop your immune system from overreacting to allergens. These sprays do take a bit of time to work, but they do help prevent the symptoms of runny nose, itchy eyes and headaches when used on a regular basis.


Talk to your doctor to get prescription medication to help with severe allergies. You can also see an allergist for a complete evaluation and other treatment options. Just remember that a good night’s sleep is vital to your overall health so you should do whatever you can do to stop the allergies from ruining your night.

Sleep Loss And The Emotional Effects

Sleep deprivation can make you grumpy, but it can also harm your sex life, memory, health, looks, and ability to lose weight. Without enough sleep, your emotions will be difficult to control, and you will be somewhat hard to get along with.





Some of the largest disasters in recent history are a result of sleep deprivations. For example, the 1979 nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the 1986 nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl were all results of sleep deprivation.



Lack of sleep is a big public safety hazard. Drowsiness slows reaction times as much as drunk driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that lack of sleep is the cause of 1000,000 auto crashes and over 1,500 crash-related deaths a year.



Without the proper amount of sleep, you lose thinking and learning abilities. Your cognitive processes are impaired, you cannot be alert, and concentration suffers, plus problem-solving becomes an issue. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will not be able to remember what you learned and experienced during the day.



Serious lack of sleep leads to health problems. Sleep disorders put you at risk for heart disease, heart failure, heart attacks and irregular heartbeat. Your blood pressure will suffer, and strokes and diabetes are definite possibilities. About 90% of all people with insomnia have other health conditions, too.



You will not have a decent sex drive if you have a lack of sleep. Depleted energy, sleepiness and increased tension might be the reasons to blame for the lack of sex drive. Men with sleep apnea is another factor in sexual slumps. Studies prove that men with sleep apnea have low testosterone levels.



Being sleepy all the time brings on depression. In 2005, a poll called Sleep in America surveyed people with depression or anxiety disorders. These people claimed that they slept less than six hours a night. Insomnia is the strongest link to depression. If you have insomnia or a lack of sleep, you will be five times more likely to develop depression as those who get enough sleep.



A lack of sleep ages your skin. You will have sallow skin and puffy eyes after a few nights of low sleep. Chronic sleep loss also leads to fine lines, dark circles, and lackluster skin. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol in excess amounts breaks down skin collagen or the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic.



Sleepiness gives you the forgetful syndrome. “Sharp wave ripples” consolidate memory. When these ripples are disrupted by lack of sleep, you will lose your short term memory. Sharp wave ripples that transfer information from the hippocampus to the neocortex of the brain occur during the deepest levels of sleep.



If you don’t get enough sleep, you will gain weight. Lack of sleep is related to an increase in hunger and appetite. People who sleep less than six hours a day are almost 30 percent more likely to become overweight than those who sleep seven to nine hours a night. Loss of sleep appears to stimulate appetite and also kindle cravings for high-fat, and high carbohydrate foods. It is being studied whether or not sleep should be a part of weight loss programs.




Top 5 Name Brand Mattresses

Choosing a mattress these days is no easy task; there are so many brands, materials, and levels of hardness or softness to choose from that a person can quickly become lost in a virtual jungle of options.




While there is no one “best” brand or type of mattress for everyone ultimately the choice will be determined by the needs of your unique body shape and subjective preference knowing the top 5 brand name mattresses is an excellent starting point at which to begin your mattress-shopping journey. As of 2015, these five brand name mattresses are generally thought to be the top of the crop:



1. Simmons Beautyrest:

Innerspring mattresses remain the most popular overall thanks to their value and proven longevity, and the Simmons Beautyrest stands out among them for its balance of support and solid durability. This mattress's individually pocketed coils reduce motion and support the back, plus some models have gel, memory and/or latex foam, to reduce pressure and give a wonderfully soft feeling. These beds often come with a warranty lasting 2 decades or more.



2. Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam:


The Tempur-Pedic still reigns supreme among memory foam mattresses, ranking well in terms of both comfort and durability. The foam used by this brand is proprietary and reputed to adapt entirely to a person's shape, weight and body temperature. These mattresses often come with a ten year warranty.



3. Stearns and Fosters “Lux Latex”:


If you like a bed that is both firm and luxurious, this is the perfect mattress for you: Latex foam is firm and durable by nature, and Stearns and Fosters' notoriously opulent style ensures you won't lack either comfort or aesthetic satisfaction (making these mattresses a natural choice over cheaper firm innerspring options). Latex mattresses may last for up to 12 years without any change in comfort, and are known for having little to no “off gassing” (they don't release smells over time).



4. Sealy PosturePedic Gel:


These mattresses perfectly balance a soft feel with a sturdy design, having a top layer made of memory foam that has been infused with gel and an innerspring core which consists of two separately encased titanium alloy coils. These mattresses boast low motion transfer and conform perfectly to one's body shape, making them extremely comfortable. The only caveat here is that heavier users may notice some compression in the foam over a period of years, as is common with gel/foam hybrid mattresses. Regardless of this, the titanium coils will continue to provide support.



5. Serta Perfect Sleeper:


The official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation, the Serta Perfect Sleeper was designed to address the five most common sleep problems (tossing and turning, lack of support, sleeping too hot or too cold, partner disturbance, and mattress sag), and each mattress comes with the National Sleep Foundation's “Guide to Sleeping Well”. While these mattresses are a more “entry level” option, they manage to hit all the right notes in terms of comfort, low motion transfer, and durability. If you don't have the funds to invest in a more specialized mattress, this “jack of all trades” range will most likely suit your particular needs well enough to please.

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