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The Importance of Sleep

We all like to sleep. Some people need 5-6 hours of sleep a day and some need more. But no matter how much sleep we need, we all like that feeling when we wake up and we feel full of energy. There are a lot of scientific studies about the importance of sleep and how lack of sleep is bad for our health and the latest research shows that quality of sleep can even affect the length of our lifetime. The following is a list of the most most important advantages that good sleep brings.


The Importance of Sleep


1. Sleeping is a good way to relax.
People that don't sleep enough are strongly affected by stress. Stress affects the body in several negative ways – it can get you a cold or weaken your immune system, your efficiency in the workplace will be reduced, you will have trouble memorizing things. Besides the negative effects on the body, stress can make you moody and nervous. Stress increases the blood pressure which influences the way our heart and blood vessels work and eventually it leads to higher level of hormones in our body. All these unpleasant things are eliminated if we have good and regular sleep for a certain period of time.


2. Sleeping can help you with your weight.
Although it might sound odd for many people, sleeping can be linked with body weight. There are many research studies which show that lack of sleep can cause obesity. Once again, it is because of the hormones. The level of hormones that regulate appetite are linked with the quality of the sleep. 


3. A good night's sleep can be helpful with inflammation.
Lack of sleep increases the level of hormones in the body that are produced by stress. These hormones cause different types of inflammations. These inflammations can occur both on the skin and inside our bodies. Inflammations can lead to more serious conditions and they will definitely make your everyday life more difficult. With good sleep, you will strengthen your immune system and fight these inflammations easily.


4. Good sleep makes you faster and smarter.
That's right. When you have enough sleep you feel more energetic, you feel stronger and performing everyday duties is much easier. This applies for both physical and mental duties. Once you wake up, you will feel motivated and determined and you will stay like that for the whole day. 


5. It improves your memory too.
Did you know that while you are sleeping, your body rests but your brain keeps working without breaks? It processes all the information gathered during the day, it connects the events, it links feelings and memories. That's why deep sleep is needed because the brain needs to do all this, plus it needs to be prepared for the next day. Besides that, you have probably noticed how hard it is to concentrate if you didn't sleep well the previous night. 


6. Sleep helps physical recovery.
There are a lot of things happening in our bodies while we are sleeping. One of them is increased production of proteins that are an integral part of our cells. Thanks to these proteins new cells are produced and that is the most important thing in the process of healing.  


Health Benefits of a Good Quality Mattress

Eight hours of a peaceful, good night's sleep will definitely keep you fit and healthy. It will also keep you active, motivated and boost your energy levels. However, the health benefits of regular sleep is not limited to having a joyful day and banishing under eye circles but can benefit you physically and mentally in endless ways. Adequate sleep is associated with your mattress which is why there are endless benefits, both direct and indirect, associated with the quality of the mattress you are sleeping on. Therefore, it is of great importance that you purchase a mattress of extremely good quality that offers optimal cushioning and support and will not cause any back or neck pains. Given below are few health benefits of a quality mattress:


Health Benefits of a Good Quality Mattress


 Individuals having symptoms ranging from a regular headache or migraine to unexplained rashes, eczema, dizziness and ringing in the ears are recommended to purchase a hypoallergenic mattress manufactured with materials that are suitable even for those who are suffering from allergies.
 Quality matters to prevent back and neck pains. If you are planning to save some bucks by buying a cheap, low quality mattress than you are actually making a huge mistake. It is true that back pain impacts all areas of a person’s life and greatly affects sleeping routine. Increasing back pains can result in dwindling of quality sleep at night that can initiate adverse and long lasting impacts on our concentration level, work quality and healthy lifestyle.
 Obesity is linked with sleepiness and bad mattresses trigger the weight gain. Hence, it is recommended by many doctors and medical specialists that weight conscious people should concentrate on their sleeping pattern and a good quality mattress will always help you attain your weight goal.
 Springs and coils used in mattresses provide back support. Spring mattresses are commonly used now a days and contain spring coils in different patterns to provide firmness for proper back support. It will provide proper elevation to the head while sleeping. This elevation will boost a proper and healthy pattern of breathing and we no longer will have to use CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices for an adequate sleep.
 In using a good quality mattress, a sleeper can attain an ideal sleeping posture with proper spinal alignment, preventing back and neck pains. Sleeping in the right posture and proper alignment is a solution for various long term spinal problems.
 Often it happens that people feel sore in the morning when they wake up. This is due to sleeping on bad or low quality mattresses. Replacing your old, low quality mattress with a good quality mattress will help in preventing back soreness in future. ECO-Pure Wool Mattresses & Organic Cotton mattresses can be a good option to replace your mattress with if you are suffering from back soreness.

Choosing The Right Mattress

Choosing the right mattress is really very important as it directly relates to a person’s health and fitness. Your mattress can really decide whether you will have a good night's sleep or not. It will enrich you with freshness and vitality every day when you wake up. Sleeping on a rough or rigid mattress, particularly one that is already worn out, will result in restlessness, sleeplessness, severe back and physical pains. People who are already suffering from some type of back pain can experience even worse pain in the hands of a wrong mattress.


Choosing The Right Mattress

When searching for the best mattress, it is very important to acknowledge the fact that mattresses are largely a matter of personal preference. There is no single type of mattress or bed that can work well for all kinds of people. Besides that, there is also no mattress that is entirely suitable for all people having physical problems like mild or severe back problems. Likewise, there is no single sleep position known to be best for all people. This phenomenon is due to several factors. Some can be discussed as:
 There are actually numerous causes of back pains and problems, and different back conditions may respond differently to specific types of beds, mattresses and sleeping positions.
 Every person is entitled to his own taste, choices and preferences. So, there lies a high degree of personal preference for mattresses as well. In many cases, what works well for one person might be his best preference but may not work well for some other person.
 There can be many distinguishable reasons to back pain. So one sole reason can never be singled out to pass a conclusion. Consequently, it is very difficult to isolate whether or not a person's mattress has played a significant role in improving the pain or making it worse.
Before buy any sort or type of mattress, it is very wise to try and sleep on it at least couples of times. People may try different beds at their friend’s place, or in hotels or in some guest house and can buy the same model or type that they the feel is the most comfortable. If sleeping is not possible, it is very much advised to lie down on the mattress for a little while until you feel sure that is a comfortable fit. In order to evaluate a quality assurance test on any mattress, there are two main factors you should keep in mind:
 Support: The coils or the inner springs present in the central most core of the mattress are primarily responsible for supporting the spine. A good quality mattress should be efficient enough to provide enough support, comfort and agility for the natural curves of the spine.
 Comfort: The padding on top of the mattress is also one of the most determining factor when it comes to choosing the right mattress. Some people like it thick while some may prefer thin. It primarily provides comfort and relief. The thick padding is also known as the pillow top.
Choosing The Right Mattress
Furthermore, the higher the number of coils and the thicker the padding, the better the quality. Though the cost will also rise, physical health should never be compromised.

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